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ETP Chemicals
For the application of waste and effluent water we have AQUAFLOC branded Chemicals for various industries. Some of our AQUAFLOC Products are as follows.
This cationic polymer product is designed especially for the spices industries to remove the colour and sledges. Its excellent action in the spices industrial effluent gives better clarity and complete sledge removal.
This product is designed to remove colour and sledges from the dying industries. Excellent clarity can be obtained even from the tough effluent. This product is a cationic polymer.
This is a polymer based coagul effluent. This will give excellent clarity for the final polishing for nature of effluent.
This is a super polymer for textile and paper effluent. The coagulation will be speed up by this product along with cationic polymer. When used for final polishing this will give excellent clarity.
This is an anionic polyelectrolyte applicable for all types of industrial effluent. The sledge settling is very fast and activate the coagulation process.
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